Monday, May 17, 2010

Crafty projects for the Handmade Market

Some of our first projects.

Here is a peak at some of the nice things our little craft group have been working on. Some of them are really only first editions so there may be a variety of versions to come.

Janie's lovely lamps

I thought I'd start with these little table lamps made by Janie. Jane is playing with familiar shapes and is working with a ‘free’ machine sewing style to create a sketched- over appearance to her designs.

Joe-Marie's beautiful bags and other soft furnishings.

This is a cute collection of birdie coasters with matching trivet.

And another set of coasters with matching trivet. This time they bear appliqué inspired by ancient Japanese tea pot designs. Each of Joe's coasters and trivets are made using natural linen and machine appliqué.

Joe is also a print media artist and makes many of her own designs which she then screen prints onto the fabrics herself. Joe has been looking at the effect of Japanese calligraphic mark making to develop some of her recent designs. This throw cushion is one of her first using this technique.

Joe's beautiful bags really a treat. They are seemingly simple but have lots of delicate and subtle detailing. They are made with a combination of linen and Japanese fabrics.
Blue flower shoulder bag.

Ribbons and roses bag.

Pleated evening purse.

This is a sample of my Ladies' tool roll.

They all started because I tend to be the handy person about my house. My husband had the idea to keep all my tools in the one place and that it could be made into something thats' really nice to use. We thought it might be something other handy women would find useful and enjoy too.

The tool roll has a heavy duty thick cotton exterior. It is lined on the inside with coloured fabric which is sealed from any tool mess by a clear flexible plastic layer.

Nicky's happy Chair

This is one of Nicky's second life chairs which she has redecorated. She reupholsters beautiful retro furniture with fun fabrics and brightens them up with colourful paints.

She is transforming chairs into cheerful and inviting objects which can bring cheer and light into an interior space. Nicky’s chairs recharge your energy levels and set a happy tone in any room.

A Pocket cushion.
Nicky is also making these lovely sofa cushions which are uniquely designed to look like they have a pretty pocket flap. This one uses a grainy dark blue Japanese fabric with tiny white polka dots.

Thank you for stopping bye. As you can see we have all been quite busy!
Please leave us a comment if you have time.



  1. Wow! What a talented group of ladies you are. And all such diverse projects. A feast of creative goodness!

    P.S. Great photos, too.

    Thank you so so much for sharing . . .

    Regards, Sue

  2. Oh ho! Have I created a group of monsters here?
    What lovely crafty stuff you girls have been making? I love everyone of them! And I agree with Sue, the photos are great too! Japanese theme is my favorite at the moment so, well done girls. Hope to see more before the market - Hugs Nat

  3. Really nice post from a talented group of women Congratulations
    Keep us posted

  4. WOW - what inspiring and beautiful eye candies!! I love all the projects. Well done, ladies!

  5. Hi there! How talented are you guys? I think I'm in love with everything! Cant wait to see it all at the markets!

  6. Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments and a big thanks to Bron and Nat (our crafty hero) for creating our blog here in blogland. We are so excited about our first market stall next Saturday at Handmade and yesterday we had a very productive Honi and Lemon meeting (with social privileges) organising the whole shebang down to the last tent peg. Jane had a fantastic idea for our sign and so we made much progress with that too. And of course throughout the whole rainy afternoon there was ample stomach sustenance with bottomless tea courtesy of Bron, yummy banana cake brought by Jo and then mother Bron whipped up a delicious date cake made in her fabulous oval pan! Altogether it was a very nice way to spend a scarf-wearing Saturday afternoon. P.S. I am actually known as Nicky and not Nell as my blog name would have you believe- I will get to changing it...I was not versed in blog etiquette and mistakenly thought I needed an anonymous identity rather than my mere name-oops!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments. I am busy working making cushions at the moment and am excited and a bit nervous about the market on Saturday.
    Jo Maree (I have forgotten my password so I cannot sign in - woops)

  8. Yes, Nat, you have created Blog monsters! Thanks for all of the help and encouragement. Bron is proving to be and excellent blogger and is guiding us in the right direction (we not at her level of expertise yet). I must admit, we had a great and photographer, too. I love hearing about your latest inspirations and subsequent craft projects.

  9. Hi there, sorry for posting this on your comments, but couldn't locate an email address for you. Visited Handmade recently, and have just uploaded a post on my blog, with a pic and link to your site - just so you know you have admirers out in blogvill!! Cheers :)