Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dyeing day results

Well these are the results of a fun day of felt dyeing and I am really happy with the amazing bright and beautiful colours achieved with the wool. Wool really seems to take up colour very well.

After leaving all the bags of dye and fabric overnight, we rinsed all the peices out by hand.
This part is really exciting as you discover how each one has developed. I found that many of the colours that I thought were going to be blues, turned out an amazing range of greens.

Here are the felts drying in the shade. The colours seem to change in the sunlight.

Some of the softer colours.

Mauves and reds,

yummy greens and lemony yellows,

Im so keen to get started creating lovely things for my little Bella with all these lovely felts. Thankyou Natima for such a fun day. I am lucky to have such a kind and creative mum in law.


  1. Gorgeous colour wool. I spotted some of mine on the rack!

  2. Such fantastic results, you will have plenty of fun with these.
    I can't wait to see what lovely things Bella is going to get.

    Lynda xxx

  3. Really beautiful colors... definitely looks like fun work.

  4. Loving the colours on the wool Bron. It was lovely to meet you yesterday with you gorgeous mum-in-law, thanks for being our photographer.
    Hope we didn't scare you off quilting too much??
    Have a great week

  5. Hi Bron...what beautiful colours, especially those soft ones...Good Job!!!

  6. Hi Bron
    You did a great job and the results are georgeous. All so clear and happy. Perfect for a little girl.
    Two interesting posts and I'm looking forward to more.
    Happy Stitching Terry

  7. What a rainbow of colors you've got there! Beautiful... and yes, you are blessed to have Natima as your MIL! :)

  8. Those colours look great - can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Regards, Sue