Thursday, July 8, 2010

We did it! Our first market.

It was a brrrrisk Winter morning in Canberra. As we tried to set up our "sunny" yellow marquee, it became clear that four people were definitely required to complete the task and, at that time, we were only three. We were laughing so much at our comic efforts that we almost missed the offer of help from one of the other stallholders.

We were assigned a corner position and having two sides open to the public was an excellent advantage. Jo's gorgeous bags were hung on a ladder and she stacked her hand-printed cushions nearby. In the centre of the front table, Bron laid out her beautifully made "tool" rolls. Nicky's retro chairs caused quite a commotion and her matching cushions were a huge hit! I enjoyed sewing up the open seams on two of them. It kept me entertained during the more quite moments. My lampshades were on the outer table which was a great position to catch the discerning eye.

Thank you to Nicky's sister and father for their tireless support in helping us set up and pack away. Thanks also to Bron's talented husband for the photography yet again. We were so happy with our first outing that we have already signed up for the September Handmade market. It is on the 11th which is the same day as the opening of Floriade. It should be a very busy day.

This weekend I am travelling interstate to learn more about lampshade making and I promise to take plenty of photos for "show and tell."



  1. Well done girls. I heard that you did very well at the market? I hope to be there next time.

  2. Great Sunny Yellow Marque.
    Looks like you all had a good day out.

  3. Yay! nice post Janie. I'm looking forward to hearing about your weekend workshop.