Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

...and that was fine with me because it was much warmer inside the Canberra Convention Centre.

I love, love, love Handmade Market day! A chance to meet new people, spend time with my fellow Honnies and show off what we have been creating.

Our new stall layout.

Adorable brooches by Jo.

Pencil holders by Jo.

Lime helicopters - baby change mat and lampshade!

Fun and funky chairs and stools created by Nicky.
Super size lampshades made by Jane (Moi).

The Canberra Handmade team had certainly done an excellent job of marketing the June event with over 15,ooo visitors (no, I didn't get stuck on the zero key), many of them were from outside the Canberra region. Thanks to who dropped by to say "Hello" and to see our new creations.


  1. Fantastic new look on your store. Hope it went well. Tell me when the next market is and I will try to be there - Hugs Nat

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  4. Thanks Nat, next Canberra Handmade Market is Saturday 1st October. Already a special day as it is the birthday of someone we both hold dear... Hope to see you at Honi and Lemon.
    BTW I love hearing/seeing your latest projects. You have such creative ideas.
    Cheers, Jane.

  5. Hi Jane,
    Sorry I haven't got your email address to write back to you.

    Wonderful to hear that you had been to Komehyo in Nagoya. You actually lived there wow! Did you go to the Arimatsu shibori festival while you where there? I agree Japan has more textiles than any countries I have been to. Now you know why I love it so much. I'm planning to take a tour there in 2013. Will let you know when I have more details.

    I know it's someone special birthday on your next market, sorry I cannot make it because it's the same day at Geelong Fibre Forum! I'm sure you will have a fabulous time - xoxo