Sunday, December 5, 2010

December market day

The Christmas Handmade market, before the rain!

Here is our little stall with lovely customers enjoying a sunny day of festive shopping.

These are some of Joe's gorgeous trivets and two of Nicky's cute cushions.

We made use of my old sewing basket to display our diverse collection of beautiful Brooches.

Jane's lovely lamp shades were a very popular item of the day with such variety and exciting new fabrics.

Jo's bags were also a real highlight of the stall with many styles of shoulder bags hanging and her new Nappy Bags all made with fun new fabrics.

Here are three of her latest Nappy Bag designs. Each bag also has a matching roll-away change mat which can hold spare nappies and wipes. These beauties are are just packed with fabulous practical features and are fantastically light weight.

This is the bicycle pattern Nappy Bag with matching change mat.
This one is a gorgeous pink and chocolate polka dotted design.
And this bag is made in beautiful soft bird print fabric. It is also available with a matching change mat.


  1. Everything looks gorgeous and very colourful too. I can see the birdies and kurajong pods you made. Glad you had a great day - Hugs Nat

  2. how marvellous! Its lovely to see your beautiful work :) I love your lampshades Jane

  3. Hi I REALLY love all you things esp the nappy bag with bikes on you sell them?